Wednesday, June 9, 2010

all I ever wanted

hey peeps,

Great outing with the ladies today including Izzudin.It starts with a funny plan that me and chloe was about to hang out at joe's together.But everything change when haneez called me last night and invited us to Rasta for Aryraaf's birtday.So it was last minute actually!

Well,azwa pick me up at my house and drove us all to Rasta.It was kindda akward as soon we arrived because there was a group of Asyraaf's friends that we dont even know.But everything went well after we get to know each other.The boys thought me to play "indian poker".I sucks playing that game because i keep on loosing and haneez keep on winning!haha,i think it is just not my luck than.Izzudin and I had a funny momment when both of us get soo high after shisha-ing.We were like laughing and I must say that I was being soo diffrent as i start talking "dirty" with Izzudin?ohmygosh!I was imbaresed with my stupid attitude.I dont know what the hell was i thinking.But luckly it was Izzudin and not some random guys right?

Than after that,around 12.30a.m we send haneez back home and continue the day.We went to yusufe's shop at bukit damansara and shisha.But this time is diffrent flavour.Imnot sure what is it but honestly,it taste like some body wash soap!

Than ater one hour at yusufe's shop,we decided to sent chloe back home at subang.Thus,we passed by infront of my boyfriend's house,mikhael.He wasn't home so I was kindda sad about it bacuse I miss him?:) Sometimes,I just have too much fun haging out with my frieds till I dont even bother to go home.

So after we send chloe home,we went to Andalus,ampang and shisha..again!I ate french fries with sour sause which yusufe recommended to me yesterday.It was soo delicious!I felt like ordering for the sour sause only!hihihi..

I felt sooo sleepy and tired after the whole day going out.Then,yusufe send me and azwa back home around 3 going to 4 in the morning.I must say that I was enjoying my freaking day with those humans!we travel from Taman Tun to Ampang?that was just great:)

zulaikha zakaria

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