Thursday, June 10, 2010

lazy potato

hey peeps,

I love friday.I really do.But I have to admit that friday can get pretty lifeless if you have nothing to do,just like me.I am basically stuck in my room and have nothing better to do than sleep,eat and online.I dont know where to go,with who and I am totally broke right now!I have like 1o bux in my purse?what can you do with 10 bux?eat "roti chanai" at some mamak stall?this is a sad sad stuation.I need my mummy when it comes to this;)

By the way,there this indonesian series movie and it is totally stuck in my head!I've been watching that movie since yesterday till today in youtube.It was a great movie.Kyra came to my house today.We went out to hartamas with amy and chloe hoping to watch the football match together but when we arrived at Hartamas square,the place was packed and there's no empty table at all!I was soo sad bacause the football match was about to start.Well,im not a big fan of football actually but this fifa world cup is not some ordinary football match.Fifa world cup is just something that you need to watch and its a must!

So we went to joe's and just hang out and laugh as usual.I never get bored of them:).I realised there was something diffrent about joe's just now.I mean,since when joe's started playing rock songs?Anyways,we went back home and sleep!argh..what a day!

zulaikha zakaria

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