Monday, June 14, 2010

heels are killing!

hey peeps!

Despite(or perhaps because of) the enomic gloom,sky heels are big news this season.Sky heels is also known as killer heels which most of the ladies would go crazy about.I am a big fan of killer heels too of course.I seriously dont mind walking around with killer heels eventhogh its hurting my feet but for the sake of looking good in it.

ohmygod!this is beautiful!
laced killer heels would give you more catchy looks.Besides that,I also love wedges like this beautiful wedges that I've found in google.

I think,wedges heels like this are much more comfortable than other heels bacause wedges has a flat surface which can give us a better balance.But overall,every killer heels to me are awsome and one day,when i have my own house..I would like to have a room which is full of heels or shoes like kimora's :)

zulaikha zakaria.

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