Monday, June 21, 2010

my garlic and barbican:)

hey peeps!

As you guys know,that I am a huge fan of fashion.Therefor,me and my best friend,chloe is in the process of making our clothing line name "Garlic and Barbican".We are selling tops and bottoms for the ladies in a reasonable price of course.I can not deny how stunning,hot clothes out there are kindda pricey.For me,i dont mind wearing a cheep and unbranded things but the most important is that,it must look good on me:)

Well,this is a good news for the vintage lovers and also for the ladies who love to mix and match their clothes.This is because Garlic and Barbican is all about playing with the colours,fun,vintage and we also have trashy kesha type of looks too though;)

So dont worry!i'll inform you guys when everything is settle yeah.

So long readers!

zulaikha zakria

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