Saturday, June 26, 2010

the ugly truth

hey peeps,

So many thing to say to both of you till I could not even describe it with words.I hope you guys are happy for what you've said to me till you make belive that there's no second chance for our friendship.Just because of a stupid thing that i didn't even plan to do,I get all the blame.I am obviously not making my own conclusion about that,because "you" even say it on my face.

Just imagine if you are the one who is dealing wth this shit.Hoping for "so call as a bestfriend" to be there for you and what they did is just blow you off without any second thoughts.What am i suppose to feel?proud of you for doing such thing to me?even how bad,rude or mean i am,I WILL NEVER ACT LIKE WHAT YOU DID.never..

And you.yes the one who i called my soul sister.The one who I belive will understand me.So i bet you are damn freaking satisfied with all this shits.You've been cursing me all day long and said that you are not angry?dont try to turn the table around.You know how much i hate that.YOU know EVERY single thing in my life.what i LIKES or DISLIKE,in another know much i care about you and yet you still think that i would want to do such thing.

Yes.maybe i was dumb way back than when i was in form two.I left my ex bestfriend to belive that i was the one who is guilty.But not anymore guys.I told you guys the truth and i did not create any story just to save myself.I am not a coword!I am just gonna go with the flow.Whatever happen next,ill leave it to God.

And now,I would like to thank to mikhael,azwa and yusufe who was there for me during my hard time.You guys has just fix my broken heart by making me laugh and smile again.Thanks guys..Thank you soo much.And thank you for the kiss my love(mikhael).It was the best cure that i could ever had.Azwa,thank you for being such a understanding friend.Yusufe,thank you for the chicken grill and the supid little jokes yeah.I really appriciate that guys:) what would i do without you guys.

zulaikha zakaria

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