Saturday, June 5, 2010

get ma' freak on baby!

hey peeps,

Today is the first day of mid term holiday!I've been waiting for this moment for sooo long.Well,as usual..i went to my second home which is hartamas square last night.It was Arrif's 17th bithday:) so there was me,haneez,azwa and some other human which is Arrif's friend.It was kindda fun hanging out with some unknown people?but honestly,i think it would be better if all my girlfriends were there last night.

This morning,I went for a jogging with raeesah and qila.What a work out!we were sweating like hell!burn all the unwanted calories wich is obviously got to go!damn!i hate fats..who does'nt right?then after that,I went out with mikhael,azwa and chloe.We went to OU and had our dinner at hartamas square..again!actually we were planing to go to Rasta but misses hartamas soo much.She told us that she was soo lifeless when she's at her grandma's house at subang.HAHA..she dont belong there i think:) Btw,we watch Prince of Prisia just now at OU.ohmygod!that guy in the movie(i dont know his name:)) he is smokin' hot!no doubts about that!

I must say that I had a great day with all the people that I had mansion just now.Cant wait for the next outing!the only person who is having problem going out now is amy.She' having a problem with her parents somehow.I miss her funny kedah accent and i miss her soo much!I cant even remember when was the last time I met her?

Whatever it is,I hope that I will enjoy my holidays..and that is a must!:)

zulaikha zakaria

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