Friday, June 25, 2010

sunrise hit the ground

hey peeps,

Sorry for not updating my blog lately.I've been really busy with my school work and my studies.I've got my mid-year exam reasult and honestly i am not satisfied with it!!looking at my school report card makes me think that i could not be one of those sucsessfull people out there.People says that its normal to fail in add maths and bio but not for my aunty who is also my bahasa teacher in my school.Now,you get the picture?she's like nagging at me during my bowling practise.

Anyways,about my online clothing shop,we are officially open tomorrow which is on 26 Jun 2010:)this online shop is made by me and by bestfriend,chloe.The name that is given is GARLIC AND BARBICAN.So what are you waiting for ladies?come and visit our blog at and puchase some great items!

The best part about us is that you could share your fashion ideas so that maybe we could try to sell those stuff ey? So any ideas that you would love to share with us or maybe you wanna ask us anything that have to do with fashion,just drop us a comment at our blog.Simple as that!

zulaikha zakaria.

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