Saturday, June 19, 2010

6 in the morning

hey peeps!

School is going to start tomorrow.This is seriously a nightmare!Everyone says that school is suppose to be fun and you'll miss it when its over.But as for me,since I moved to this horrifying girls school in KL,I never felt that way anymore.Not like back then i was in Hartamas.I swear,I miss being there with those silly classmates and awsome teachers!

Anyways,I had fun during my two weeks holidays!And the best was on saturday morning.Me and the ladies went out to Rasta at 1 a.m.I ate butter bread puding and farah had apple crumble.I suggest you people out there who were craving to have sweet stuff like this,you guys should come to Rasta!my god,i fell in love with the butter bread pudding and the apple crumble on my first bite!great food i must say.Then,we went to Andalus where they had the second round of shisha-ing.I could not take anymore shisha that time cuz i had enough shisha when we was at Rasta.So there I was,eating french fries with the garlic sause.Bad bad food!makes me even fatter!

Then we drive to Asia Cafe to pick up my boyfriend,Mikhael.the car was soo full till i have to sit on mikhael's lap for awhile and chloe have to sit on Farah's lap.Than we could not stand that situation no more!so chloe moved to the front sit with azwa! was better after that.So we went back to bangsar and sent yusufe and Mikhael home since mikhael slept at yusufe's house.

So we girls arrived home at 6 am in the morning and we woke up at 9.30!we need to get ready for azwa's brother's wedding.It was funny because all of us need to wear the same brown kebaya!So we were kindda late as we arrived there on 11.something.We actually need to be there around 10 in the morning.So the wedding went well and the food was awsome!

Me and azwa was kindda upset of waiting yusufe and mikhael.They was suppose to be there during the time four of us walking down the hallway.I know it was not a big thing but of course i want him to be there.So yeah,they arrived when the wedding was about to over.I was kindda dissapointed with them same goes to azwa.

But that does not spoil our day when they apologize and tell the reason why.So after the wedding,Azwa sent all of us back home.Well there it was,my day with them:)

zulaikha zakaria

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