Sunday, June 6, 2010


hey peeps!

I know that no one is perfect in this world including myself but I cant stand looking at those people who drink alcohol,smoke or take drugs excpecially malays.Im not trying to sound innocent here but hey..that is something I would'nt do.Those things wont give you good benefits at all,in fact it will destroy you slowly in someways.Besides,its a sin right?

Anyway,my dad told in the car just now about cases that is hapening around us.One of them is violance.I hope people would stop violance againts womans and childrens.Some of them are innocent and its unfair to do such thing to them.Just think this way,imagine you are the one who is suffering because of the violance you had done to them?it must be sucks having a life like that right?so I'll repeat this one more time..please,stop violance againts woman and children.

And to all the ladies out there,please take note about this.Be carefull in dating guys.Some of the guys out there is just the type which I called plesure seeking guys.Never easly trust on whatever they said eventhough you think you know him well enough.

p/s: lets make the world better for all of us:)

zulaikha zakaria

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