Saturday, May 22, 2010

hey soul sista


Damn!i never knew that i could feel soo jobless if chloe's not around?she's staying at her grandma's house for a few days at subang.What can i say,we grew up together.Her house is just one step away from my house:) I am soo use to see her face almost everyday and suprisingly,i never get bored of that!

Chloe came back home yesterday!i was soo glad to see her face.She promise me to go for breakfast yesterday but we end up eating lunch together at some bakery at hartamas.haha,breakfast with chloe?never happen!than we walk around as if that we have nothing to do at home.Well im suppose to study but its saturday and i really really cant stay at home on saturday.

So we went back home and change our clothes,getting ready to go out again.But this time..we went to junkyard lah(lah lah land).The clothes are freeking cheap!i bought 3 vintage tops and i only spent 50 bux for that!!i even get 2 free hair bands!:) shopping is a must though!

We had dinner at the taipan gardens and chloe hated that place!haha,she's been complaining about the food,the chair,and the view?haha,i LOVE that place okay!to me,that place is awsome!screw you chloe!:) my dad pick me up there around 11 pm. And my dad took me to this place which i dont know where but it was on that area.i hang out with my dad and it was funny when the waiters thought that i was my dad's girlfriend!GOSH! i felt like jumping out of the window! so after that,we went back home around 12 i think..i was soo tired and i need rest!

zuaikha zakaria.

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