Thursday, November 25, 2010

my confession

hey peeps,

i know that i've told you guys that i will no longer post anything that have to do with my problems here but honestly,i have to let it out somewhere.My heart is now crash into pieces and trust me,it will take time to heal this pain.Here i go again.My holiday sucked.Never knew someone who usually make me feel calm just walked away from another word,disappear.

Well to be frank,most of the time..i usually just leave that person who hurt my feelings.But this guy right here,changed me.He make me realised that true love does exist.I was once a strong girl who never fall for any sweet words but when he came into my life,i felt complete evethough i know this love wont last forever.I blame myself for everything.I shouldnt fall for anyone.Because i know that one day day,that person will leave me.But things happened.I have to confess that it wont be easy for me to just leave him.

But yet,i am still lucky because i still have my girlfriends with me.I belive what keeps me strong is praying to Allah and as long as my loved ones stays with me,than i will feel save.Insyaallah.

zulaikha zakaria

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