Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hey peeps!

I went for Paramore last night and it was AWSOME!it is the best concert i've ever been i my life!After6 years paramore was on tour,at last..they are now here!!heyley was absalutely gorgeous and Josh,guitarist was SMOKIN' HOT!it was totally chaos and epic there!the croud was insane!!everyone sang along and i was singing at the top of my lungs!Eventhough lost my voice today but it was worth it.I dont even bother about my hair anymore and honestly i have sooooo much fun:)

The day starts like this.We went there by car.Yusufe drove amy's car and pick us up at our house.

as we arrived there,we have to line up..i was sooo excited!

during the concert!HEYLEY'S VOICE WAS AWSOME!

meet JOSH,my future husband:)hehe

at the end of the show!


I have nothing much to say actually because i have no idea how to express my feelings when it comes to this!all i need to say is


p/s:i think my life is now complete!!

zulaikha zakaria

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