Sunday, October 10, 2010

she's my angle


Some girls out there might get a brand new camera,new phones,money and so many other things for their 16th birthday present from their mother.But as for me,my mum get me perfume which is Poison by Dior.Well,it is not a typical perfumes that people buy at some perfume stores and stuff.And it is not because of the price,its because this perfume is a symbol of my mum.She loves this perfume and she told me that whenever i wear this perfume,she wants me to think of her that she will be there for me.And she said,untill the day she die,she wants me to remember that.And the name of the perfume is "Poisons".She also said to me,no one can ever hurt me bacause i got her.She's my poison,my guardian angel<3

much love,
zulaikha zakaria

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