Friday, October 22, 2010

because your gone

hello people!

So im in the mode for movies and i am desperate to watch You Again.I've watch the trailer in yutube just now and it is soo funny:) i just love watching comedies and action movies.It makes my day!

Moving on guys.Well,this gonna sound funny but i miss hanging out with my mum.What i meant was that yes,she came back home but when she is home..she will be busy with her phone or resting in her room.Even on the weekends she will be busy with her work,meetings and stuff.I understand that she's a busy woman.But,i just felt that she doesnt have time for her children anymore.And the sad part is,my brother is leaving soon.He's going to indonesia and study there.Look,he is my only brother and i cant imagine how lonely i would be after this.My parents is obviously busy with their work,i have to study extra hard for SPM next year,chloe and azwa will be working,amy will be stuck at home with tuitions and that moment i belive that i will start missing my brother's laughter,how he brings back my confident when i was down,cookes for me when i was starving and most of all i will miss his smile ad when he said,"everything will be fine kak ika".Something about my brother when he says that.. it just bring back life to me.I will miss him ALOT.

I cant belive i actually cried typing this post! i always know that i have the most awsome and loving brother that anyone would ever have bacause i he is one in a million.

zulaikha zakaria

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