Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy birthday to me:')

hey peeps!

I AM FINALLY 16!:) i had an awsome birthday and i couldn't ask anything more.It was just perfect.I realised that the best gift that god can ever give me is that i have a great family,freaking hot bestfriends and a loyal boyfriend.Well,i think it is good enough.

So yesterday,we went to chick pop at TTDI plaza to get some stuff.I bought myself a boho maxi dress and a ring.So after that,we went to Pavilion to watch movie.Actually,we were planning to watch Charle st Cloud but the movie starts at 7.30.So we watch "eat pray love" and that movie is something diffrent i guess.So after movie,we wanted to go somewhere to haveour dinner since all of us are like starving!

well,I must say that my friends and my lover boy was a first class actor!they surprised me with a cake at coffee bean and it was the most sweetest thing that anyone ever did for me.That momemnt i realised how lucky i am to be apart of these people:')

Moving on.After that,we went to one of the restaurant at Ampang and that place was just weird which kindda spoilt our day a little bit.The food was expensive and the people there is soo weird.HAHA.

My mum gave a me a perfume which is poison from dior.There are certain reason why she gave me that perfumes instade of giving me other perfumes.And amy,she gave me a "unisex blindfold" and i love it!:) HAHHA!

Anyways,i had fun and i cant belive i would ever say this but yeah..i am the luckiest girl alive:)

zulaikha zakaria

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