Thursday, October 21, 2010

you give me butterflies

hey peeps!

Mikhael told me a story just now since we were soo lifeless chatting in facebook.He starts telling me a funny story yet adorable which goes like this.

"once upon a time,there was a leprechaun.
that leprechaun jump from the top of mount Kikihuahu in an attempt for skydiving
on the way down.
he tried to open his parachute but it just wont work :O
luckily he brings his magic wand
he chants some magic words in an attempt to save his life
but nothing happened!
he quickly checked his magic wand and saw the expiry date at the bottom of his wand.
it says that the wand had been expired for 2 months already.
so thats the end of that unlucky leprechaun
the end"

p/s: I know it was kindda lame but i love it somehow:) i love him<3

zulaikha zakaria

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