Friday, October 15, 2010


hey peeps!

My school life is totally screwed up so i decided that i'm just ignore it and live my life.Aqila told me that if i keep on thinking about what people say about me,than that will give a huge impact on my studies.And chloe also told me that we are young just for once.So why should we get people's negetive compliments in our way?

You know what,i think they are right!

So now,i have a new vision for my life.When my SPM is over which is next year..I want to have an adventurous life!diffrent from the others.Maybe some of the teenagers out there would prefer get drunk,go clubbing,steal some random's people cars and stuff but as for me,I would like to travel.

YES,traveling:) I would like to go to Rome and see the unique features of statues and buildings,eat pasta at italy,chill at bali with the soft silky sand,enjoy the sound of waves,scuba diving and snorkeling in Pulau Perhentian,rock climbing,go to antartica and touch the white snow for the first time and last but not least,i would love to go to Makkah and pray infront of the great Kaabah.Now that is what i call great life.

I belive by doing all that,i'll be more mature and indipendent(isyaallah).

zulaikha zakaria

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  1. there's a reason why maklong was so upset at u. she cares a lot about u and she wants u to succeed in life. there's more to life than just having fun my dear. your family and study are the two most important things in life. your friends are true saying that you will only be young once but u will get older. what happen then depends on what you have worked today. it may not seem that important to u right now, but trust me, u will experience the pain or the gain later in life. u can do all the great stuff u wanna do once u have achieved something in life, once u have become someone. right now, just focus on the two most important things in life that i mentioned just now. because without knowledge and education, u will go nowhere. family gets under your skin because they care the most. remember that. love you.