Monday, October 4, 2010

get the party started!

hey peeps!

Have you guys listen to nelly's new song entitled just a dream?i love love love that song because it means alot somehow.Eventhough that the song's genre is diffrent than what i usually go for which is rock genre,but this song really cought my attention.

Speaking about genres and songs,I have recantly heard a good news from dda yesterday.And that would be...MY PARAMORE TICKETS HAS JUST ARRIVED! HELL YEAH! and that is the reason why i cant sleep last night which has caused me sleeping like a pig this morning and yeah..i didn't go to school today.I felt bad about it but seriously,this morning when i tried to get up from bed is like such a hard thing to do.

Anyways,Im going for tennis final game on the friday night with amy and azwa since amy's dad got 10 VIP passes for FREE!.I am not a big fan of tennis actually but its VIP passes dude!How in the hell am i suppose to say no.I went for last year's tennis game as well and it was great.the tennis players were good looking expecially their sexy face and ass make us go "wow!".HEHE,well,we girls just wanna have fun.But it was crazy!the people are like chearing and screaming!

zulaikha zakaria

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