Saturday, May 14, 2011

you,me away from the city

After all these years,i finally knew what i really want to do when SPM's over .Maybe i wrote the same thing on my older post last time but as time goes by and I'm getting older,the things that i wanted to do in my future just changed.Well,not 100% changed.I'm still me but what i meant is that its just a little bit diffrent.okay.enough on these explanations. As you guys know that i would like to travel after SPM.Yes,travelling is still it but it is just slightly different.Last time,the place i always wanted to go is Paris because i was thinking to go shopping and bla bla bla.Instead of going Paris,I get myself thinking,why don't i spent my time at somewhere where i can find peace.I want to lay down on the sanddy beach and enjoy the sound of waves.Looking up in the sky,enjoying the sunset and just take a deep good breath of the clean air.I want to get away from the chaos city for awhile.Next,i want to be a healthier person.Go jogging regularly,eat healthy food and continue with my kickboxing classes.I want to be as healthy as possible so that i am phisically and mentally prepare for collage and studies.I was thinking to take law instead of medic.I have a good feeling in taking law.Even though there are tons of people who told me that law is very though but as for me,there is nothing wrong to try!

Ohh wait!i have something to say.I LOVE THE SCRPT.hehe.thats just random.eargh..whatever.So long now bloggers!
lots of love,
zulaikha zakaria

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