Sunday, December 26, 2010

You fake it up soo well

hey peeps!

I hate dealing with drama.It just hurt soo badly when that person just cant talk nicely to you while you're trying to settle things up.Dont ask who am i talking about because you will be freaking suprised to know who am i talking about.This guy was once our gay friend.He was always there when we need him and his advice that he gave,really helps.He was such a sweet and innocent guy i've ever known.He used to bring back hopes to me when i had a fight with my lover boy.Like i said,he was our gay friend.

But things change.He just spoilt the whole friendship that we had.The things he do to my bestfriend,all the lies,acting and pretending to be loyal to my seems like it was all apart of his plans.Yes,maybe i was not suppose to be apart of this fight but seeing your bestfriend crying infront of you,being like half dead or not okay.I cant just sit there and do nothing.It hurts me and everyone who know whats going on.

About that lady who was the third person in their relationship.I cant belive she could do this.How can you be soo heartless?ohmygod.You are our friend okay.A FRIEND.Real friends dont date their friend's boyfriend?what the fuck is wrong with you lady?You keep saying you understand what she felt right.Than why are you doing it?god!Being a heartbreaker is not fun.Because what goes around,comes around.You do this to my friend..and one day the guy you love the most will leave you because of another woman too.Think about it.

I know im being rude here and im sorry.I cant keep it anymore.

zulaikha zakaria.

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