Saturday, December 25, 2010

santa left one cookie

Lets start with this.. HO HO HO(santa's laughs)!Merry Chirtmas everyone!:) okay,ignore the santa's laughs. Anyways,i woke up this morning and i realised that in 5 days time,its gonna be 2011! that means,a year of hell since i will be seating for SPM next year! screw SPM!

For new year,i have not decided where to celebrate it.Most of my homies is not around.Amy is in London,Azwa is in Hong Kong and chloe,mikhael,haneez and yusufe is the only left.I am not in the mode to celebrate it since there are sooooooo many drama going on.

I've promised myself i will try my best to study hard and stay focus in class.I want good reasult for my SPM.And i hope that next year,no more more heartbreakers,no more sneaking out,no more skipping schools! HAHA! i cant belive i said that! "no more skipping school" pfft..yeah right! alright guys..i am off to bed!im still sleepy though! nights<3

zulaikha zakaria

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