Sunday, April 18, 2010

girls day out:)

olaa people!

me and my girlfriends went to OU today and we had fun even though its just for awhile.its amy's brother birthday party at OU futsall.the kids are sooo cute!i mean,its been awhile for me to go this type of birthday party!haha.than,me and the girls went to the rooftop and vain:)hey,this is what girls do alright!vain vain vain!it was funny and honestly,we are not good in taking pretty pictures though!

after vaining,we went for a drink at Teh Tarik Place,then we went back to join "the kids" to sang a happy birthday song for Naim.The cake was soo cute!there's like a icing which looks like a human playing futsall!when Naim wanted to cut his birthday cake, one of Niam's friend said,"kill the human!" haha:) kids..

then we went to ZARA and there this hot.stunning top!its white and i totally fell in love with it!but sadly,its just too expensive!damn!i really need my mum when it comes to this!around 7 something,Haziq,haneez's brother pick us up at OU and he sent me and chloe back home "safely".Well youdont wanna know he drive!

-ika zakria-

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