Wednesday, April 20, 2011

here we are again

hello bloggers,readers,silent readers..people :)

My day has been pretty tiring and sleepy.I felt SO restless and all i can think is my bed when i was at school this morning.And speaking about schools,i woke up late and i hate being late.The thing i hate the most is being late!Okay now,moving on.I assume that some of my followers or "silent readers" read my post entitled Sweetheart.Well,it must be confusing reading something that you don't even understand right.So let me just explain it briefly.Me and mikhael had a little fight and he cant seems to just let me explain to him about few things.Since i know that he reads my blog..silently,I decided to post my silly explanations in my blog.After all the fights and misunderstanding,as usual..we are back at the right track again!*yay :) So,I'm sorry if i have to post my personal problems here.I don't tend to do such thing actually but it happened.Again,I'm sorry readers.Hope you guys keep on reading my blog :)

Till then.
Zulaikha zakaria.

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