Saturday, April 16, 2011

we are cool like that

I realised that my friends and i has been living with this weird tradition among us,which was lepaking with some random people.We can hardly know that person and the cool part is that we don't even know their names sometimes.We talked,share stories,we crack jokes and at the end of the day,i got myself thinking,"whats that person's name again?" HAH! Well,when i asked some of my friends about how random were we actually, and their answer was simple yet it does make sense.The answer would be," because we are cool like that".Its true though.we love making new friends and so what if we don't even get their names?we are some weird girls who love doing random stuff and we learn from it actually :)

Another random things about us,was that we opened our windows in the car sometimes whenever we had our favourite "pimp" song playing on the radio.We sing our lungs out like nobody's business.And why do we do that?The answer is obvious.Because we are cool like that!Yes,we wear high heels like normal girls out there.We dated guys like a normal girls too,we wear high waisted jeans like those girls as well,but what makes us different is that we are cool in our own ways.Like my girls always said,"we are cool like that".

p/s: i actually said "we are cool like that" for 3 times in this post?my oh my..

zulaikha zakaria

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