Monday, April 18, 2011


dear mikhael,

Sweetheart,I never really have the chance to say this to you when we had our conversation just now.I was speechless and terrified if i would make any wrong decisions.During our conversation just now,you asked me to prove my love to you because you doubt it.Well,to be honest.I do not have answer for that.Like i said,i don't know where to start and i don't know how to end it.when it comes to "proving" something to someone,i just cant say much because i dont know what to do.After 2 years being together,I've realised that you don't really know me.I dont prove things to people.I wont jump out of the window for anyone,i wont run naked for anyone,i wont get on my knees for anyone and all those stuff except for my mum.I know you would think that I'm selfish.but its facts.Everytime i sacrifice anything for someone,they tend to leave me after that.

I dont use any sweet words to keep you with me.And trust me when i say i wont.its hard when i was expecting you to gain back your love on me and what i get was another way round.It hurts,seriously.I was hoping you to come to me and just say,"can we start all over again?".That's all was i hoping for.I dont ask you to come and bring me a bouquet of flowers,i dont ask you to write me a poem,and i dont even asked you to write me a song.All i need was a lil bit of afford.Its good to know that you've realised that im always the one who try to keep these relationship strong but i do get tired of it and i wanted to see if you could do the same thing too.All i can see now is just everything falling into ashes.I would love to start all over again if you give me the chance to do so.Is it too late to fix everything?im not gonna answer that for you because i know if i tell you the truth,you wouldn't even want to believe i'll just leave the question for you to think about it.

lots of love,
zulaikha zakaria

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