Friday, April 1, 2011

life can do wonderfull things

Metro station did a wonderull job for doing a song entitled Seventeen Forever.Eventhough that song was known like long long time ago,but the lyrics was just beautifull.I love their chorus when they said "wont be seventeen forever,and we can get away with this tonight." Look how meaningfull that line is?That means,we cannot stop from getting older.Sooner or later,i wont be seventeen anymore and school will be no longer in my timetable.By that time,we wont know if we can even catch up with some of our classmates and teachers?Plus,i am obviously gonna be busy with college and stuff.Im just scared if i'll meet some new faces and new culture that i probably get into it to much till i forget my old friends.

My friends are not some bunch of kids who dumb their friends and get a replacement whenever they are having some missunderstanding with their friends.They are loyal,PRICELESS and very very caring which makes me love them soo much!

zulaikha zakaria

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